We started off as a facebook group but we are now expanding to our new website.

Living-wild.com is a place where people can learn quite a lot in identifying both plants and mushrooms though it is not strictly for identification.

All aspects of the two can be discussed with the exception of the medicinal and hallucinogenic/cannabis topics. Those have become too controversial and always lead to arguments, name calling and just inappropriate behavior. Eliminating those has made for a more relaxed setting. Edibility is one of the most often discussed.

Other aspects such as recipes, decorational, growing, transplanting, preserving, tools/containers and a few others can also be discussed. We have many very knowledgeable people from our facebook group so almost any question about plants or mushrooms can be answered. Helping identify and encouraging sustainable harvesting is high on the list of priorities. We have a team of experienced and very knowledgeable administrators that help in any way they can.

It is my hope that people will want to get away from the technology, gadgets, phones etc. a little more, get out there and explore a little and learn about the outdoor world around them. This group is a tool to aid in just that. Happy foraging!